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Alliant’s Special Event Program is underwritten by Evanston Insurance Company and offers premises liability insurance coverage for a broad range of events, including User / Tenant Events (use of public entity facilities), Instructor / Recreation Classes, and Nominee (Public Entity Sponsored) Events. This program allows the public entity to offer event coverage and issue certificates.

TENANT/USER PROGRAM: A “Tenant/User Event” is an event that is held or sponsored by companies, organizations, or individuals that have been permitted to use a public entity’s meeting rooms or other facilities. Certificates are issued with the user of the facility as the Named Insured, and the Public Entity as the Additional Insured.

INSTRUCTOR/RECREATION CLASS PROGRAM: An “Instructor/Recreation Event” is an event that is instructional to its participants. Instructors are not employees of the public entity, but provide instructional services for a fee. Note: Participant coverage requires signed waiver.

NOMINEE EVENT PROGRAM: A “Nominee Event” is an event held or sponsored by the Public Entity, or by any department or division. Coverage can be expanded to cover co-sponsors if desired. This is not a self-rated program. All events must be approved and rated by the insurance carrier and the certificates are issued by Alliant Insurance Services, Inc., with the public entity as the Named Insured and the property owner (if other than the public entity) as the Additional Insured

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